You Cannot Do It Alone

You cannot do it alone

People too often avoid spending money or time to learn from others, to go to a coaching, to book a webinar, to collaborate with other experts, or to talk to other people in a chat.

They think, having own potential and skills is enough for the own creativity and success.

This is certainly not false! How is the saying: Learning by doing!

“In every triumph there’s a lot of try.”
– Frank Tyger

Proving the own talent and competence leads to self-trust and confidence and increases your motivation.

However, don’t rely on stories where a nice guy in a magazine tells his success story, explains how he has made a lot of money in a short time, and you begin to see yourself as the next billionaire. The one thing about such people is the fact that we don’t know exactly how much support they have in their background. They have often personal admins, agents, pr people, house cleaners and baby sitters who work for them.

Why would you risk your time, energy and money without the right support and assistance?

There is no problem, when we fail and learning from failure is certainly not false. But when we follow the strategy “going it alone” and think that encouragement and ambitiousness is the key to success, and copying others’ success is inspiring, then we follow a visionary thinking.

Let me explain:

There are three big factors that determine your success

1. The questions you ask others.
2. The people you know.
3. Your willingness to stretch yourself into the unknown (being flexible, accepting serendipity, being spontaneous, being open and interested).

You should learn:

  • The questions you ask determine the answers you get.
  • There are people in our world who have done what you want to achieve and you can certainly learn from them.
  • The truth is that we will never achieve our full potential on our own.
  • Surround yourself with some influential experts and learn from them.
  • You need to learn the “language” of opportunities (help others win / offer opportunities).
  • Read the necessary books and study what people write.
  • Don’t go to networking events and collect business cards in piles, looking at them proudly and think “Look, how big my network is!”
  • The best leaders see success as a group endeavor; they have a community with best experts around them and they share success together.

But, what is certainly more important, they are not too proud to ask for help in problems. They know very well that even the strongest person needs support.


– You cannot do it alone … leading is a group effort!
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

You cannot succeed by yourself. It’s hard to find a rich hermit.” – Jim Rohn