6 Working from Home Tips to Increase Productivity

businessglory working from home tips

Many of us find difficulties to stay productive working from home, while office environment can help you stay focus and be more productive, below are 6 working from home tips that can help you to overcome any distractions and boost your productivity.

1. Get Dressed

Although many of us may think, that one of the working from home benefits is working while you are wearing your pyjamas, but it’s one of the most factors that kills your productivity. You won’t get into the work mode unless you wear something suitable for work.

2. Go for a Morning Walk

Start with a morning routine like walk or run, this will give you the energy and the mood you will need for the entire day.

3. Get the Right Tools for Your Job

Regardless of your business type, all of us need a set of tools to stay productive and communicate with the outside world. Get yourself a web conference tool, document collaboration suite like office or google suite. Also make sure to use a time tracking app. There are many apps in the mobile stores that can help you to track your time. It’s one of the great ways to stay productive.



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4. Keep your family away from you.

If you are a mom, a dad or have a partner, it’s sometimes hard for others to realize(especially for kids) that you are actually working from home. A lot of conversations may pop up here and there. The best thing to do is to set boundaries and schedule for yourself, have a commitment to your schedule and focus only on your work during the working hours.(We will discuss this more below).

5. Set time & schedule for your work.

As you are working from home, you have the privilege to work anytime you want, that’s right but you need to set a certain time for work by having a schedule that’s easy to follow. Stop yourself from working all day and night. The idea here is to set a schedule that you can follow for a long time. If you pushed yourself for long working hours, you may end up frustrated with no energy and no life.

6. Happiness fuels success

Studies prove that happiness fuels success and performance not the other way around. So, focus first on your mood and then take actions. Remember that you are doing what you love and what you are passionate about. So you enjoy it.

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