What Makes a Good Blog Post

What Makes a Good Blog Post

Content marketing is fueled by the ability is not only to get your content in front highly relevant audience, but also to stimulate them to share and spread your point of view organically. Having a wonderful blog content can make or break your marketing effort. It is essential to engage your audience when they are reading your blog post. Writing good content, is tough and there are actually a lot of moving parts, however there are two universal truth when it comes to good content. People want to be educated and they want to be entertained. Your article can make the difference whether your audience retain your message or simply go away.

A great article is a critical part of your content marketing efforts. It can help you establish authority base and get you or your business to the next level, but what makes a good blog article sounds interesting.Two million blog posts pumped out every day, according to one recent count. With so many blogs, how does one become popular?

Before you start writing your content lets find out what makes a good blog post that enhance your content marketing effort.

People love who understand them

One of the keys to create a great article is to understand your audience. Knowing your audience is the key to effective content marketing. While your content may resonate with one audience, a different audience may lose, confused or irritated, so it is extremely important as you create your article takes into consideration all the different audiences that you are targeting. Ask yourself how much do you know about your audience, what industries make up my audience what my audience prefer, do they prefer chart or more engaging visuals.

People want to be entertained

Entertaining people is an art. The desire to be entertained predicts the amount of time your audience spends reading your article. You have to make sure to keep your readers entertain while they are reading your piece of content and that’s take into account who they are and what they think amusing and entertaining is.

People want to be educated

People know how to acquire desired skills by identifying and utilizing available resources, Make sure that your article has a lot of keys take away and best practices for your audience to use right away. Having your blog answering your audience question and offering them a solution for their problem can scale your content and move it to the next level.

People love visuals

Understand your audiences is a key to create the right visuals. Beautiful imagery can make the article go from good to great especially in today visual world. Visuals can bring life to your article and get your reader attentions. Choose images that interesting and editorial and do not hesitate to push the boundaries when it comes to image selection. Your audience has read thousands of articles. Make your stand out and interesting. Choose imagery that has impact for the readers. Images with high contrast can grab attentions.

People are everywhere

Spend more time on promoting your content than the one you spent on creating it. After you have done with your article make sure to promote it, so people can see your point of view and get the most of it. Having your article published on your website or your blog is not enough.Build relationships with influencers , consider paid promotion, promote your content on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Flipboard…etc). Send an email out to your audience database, talk to friends about your articles, share it via text messages.

They key to a successful blog post are enriching other people life by knowing them better and always test different approaches until you find the one that works for your audience.
Think about how to write headlines that get results and at the end your passion and consistency what bring great results.