What Is RSS Feed and How It Works

What is rss feed

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and you may hear people say Really Simple Syndication and it’s a technology that allows you to subscribe to content on the Internet. So instead of visiting 10 different websites and read the news every morning. You can get the news from all the 10 sites come to your RSS reader.

RSS Reader (RSS Feed Reader) and this is the primary tool to work with the RSS feed so, you can subscribe to news and another content online. These readers might be a standalone application you install on your computer or web based tool.

Best RSS Readers

Now we know how what is RSS feed, the second most import question is how to use RSS feeds, the answer is by using the RSS feed reader to subscribe to RSS feeds and read content in one place. And here are just some of the most popular RSS feed reader. Readers come as Web based tool, Mobile Apps and/or desktop App.

Is a web based tool so, you just visit feedly website and login using your social media account. Feedly don’t ask you to create a new account, but you need a Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft or Evernnote account to login. Feedly works on the Mac as a standalone App as well as on iOS, Android and Kindle.

G2reader is another web based reader with different interface, you can login using your social media accounts, but you can also create a G2reader account. G2reader works on Android devices. One of my favorite features in G2Reader is you can save a list of keywords that the app will always highlight for you.

FeedMe Blog Reader
This reader will enable you to easily digest your favorite blogs and news sites and will work on Android too. The favorite feature is the layout allows you to flip to the next article in the feed when you have reached the end of the one you are reading.

Modern Reader
Is Feedly RSS Reader app with modern Windows UI for productivity. There is a version for iOS and Android also but, you have to purchase the App to remove the advertisements.

Find and Subscribing to RSS feeds

You can use the RSS reader to search for feeds and topics you are interested however, the traditional way to find RSS feeds is to go to your favorite website and look for their RSS feed. The orange RSS feed icon could be a sign too. Copy the RSS feed and find where to import the RSS feed in your reader. Some RSS reader helps to find RSS feed under the hood by simply copying and pasting the website URL.

Now you should have a pretty good idea on what is RSS feed, how you find and subscribe to RSS feed to get all your website into a single RSS reader.

Funny Assignment

Find the RSS feed for this website and add it to your favorite reader