5 Reasons to Use Time Management Apps for Your Team

time management apps
time management apps

Time tracking is so important when it comes to team environment; it helps you to get the full picture of your project’s progress and boost the productivity of your team. This will lead to better project management to ensure you’re meeting each project deadline.

Here are 5 Reasons to Use Time Management Apps for Your Team:

1. Evaluate project’s progress

Tracking the time of your team will help you to monitor your project’s progress and will let you know if you can deliver your project on time. If there’s any delay in one of the task you will be able to make changes in task assignment to avoid any delay in project delivery

2. Plan the capacity of you team

You will be able to plan your team’s capacity and assign the proper task to each team member. You will always know how much it takes for each one of your team to do a specific task. This will also help you to know the key strength of each member of your team.

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3. Drive productivity to your team

Time tracking will drive the productivity and efficiency of your team. Each team member will know exactly the tasks need to be done and his role in each project. This will make your team much more focused and willing to complete their tasks in the time estimated.

4. Invoice your customers the real working hours

If you are invoicing your customers on an hourly basis, you will be able to know the exact time spent on each project and task.

5. Improve future projects planning and estimating

Tracking the time spent on each project will give you the exact time and cost of the project. This will help you to better estimate your future projects.

Is your business leveraging these any time management apps? If so, which one do you like most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I am a businessmen. I didn’t used to use any time management app in starting. I noticed after few months that my competitor get more success in business then me and his team worked more efficiently. Then I came to know that he use time management apps to manage timing of his team’s working. then I also downloaded some time management apps like nozbe, life tick, etc. I have got good experience through these apps and my business have got leaps and bounds success. SO I am totally agree with you that time management apps help us a lot to manage our business. Your post is providing useful knowledge to those people who do not know about the value of time management apps. you have provided very useful information in detail. I really appreciate your work.