The World Does not Reward Mediocrity

The World Does not Reward Mediocrity

As an entrepreneur you must find your niche, your special idea, your innovation, something that makes you stand out from the market. You’ve got to be great at something. Nothing is ever “good enough”. It is either excellent or inferior.

Learn to accept: The world does not reward your mediocrity. Greatness is what counts as an entrepreneur.

Why should people accept your mediocrity? Your mediocrity will not serve you and will hurt your customers. Big thinkers, and big dreamers, simply don’t like your mediocrity.

We are daily inspired by successful people on social media, and in the world, that nobody cares about average. You, yourself, deserve better things than being average.

Don’t be half-engaged … give 100%.
Have good intentions … always.
Do exactly what you’re going to do.
Keep your promises and fulfill people’s needs.
Go the extra mile … deliver more!

Show up with your awesomeness that people deserve it.

For having a successful company you need to learn these four principles:

  1. First, have an absolutely clear picture why your business exists. Your company reflects who you are! It is your purpose, your mission and your vision! Your vision and mission have to be understood by everyone! Employees, suppliers and customers, everyone must “get” this. You can be open for compromise, but never give up your purpose.
  2. Second, translate this vision into a clear customer experience. You must hold the standard for excellence.
  3. Third, commit yourself to a daily practice of learning. Learn from your mistakes and failures. Find what you can learn from every interaction. This behavior will inspire everyone around you.
  4. Fourth, be transparent and share problems. Inform customers about difficulties. This creates trust.

Are you clear on the value of your business? Now, it is up to you, to do what is necessary, to become a great leader.

 Mediocrity stumps growth and any business every single time .— Tiffany Largie