The Power of Uncertainty

the power of uncertainty

Most of us want certainty … that’s why reading the own horoscope is so attractive. We want someone who tells us what to do in the future.

Fact is, our world is full of uncertainty. And we cannot avoid surprises. We seek certainty in an uncertain world.Thus, it’s easy to be tempted to follow a new orientation in our fast changing business world:

Everywhere we meet new technological impressions and inventions, we meet new people and we could for hours watch videos, read articles and listen to podcasts.

The key and the art is to resist potential opportunities for distraction and learn to work according to a certain plan and strategy, that our business makes sense and leads to profit.

Sometimes not knowing what happens next is a chance and beneficial. The key is to be confident, to stay strong in our will and not to see such opportunities as “nice” invitations.

But, beware being overconfident ….we are often too sure about our single view of the future! When we, through overconfidence, lose the realistic view on the world, then it is time to “reduce” our attitude.

Important is to be prepared for an uncertain future and find opportunities within it.

The only risk which leads to a profit is a unique uncertainty ….Profits arise out of the inherent, absolute unpredictability of things.

– Frank Knight

Why is it important to focus on uncertainty?

An uncertain path is not an excuse for inaction, but a motivation to keep us questioning, thinking, learning, and growing.

Learn to prioritize what is important for you! And concede yourself certain things … be not too strict to you!

Resisting the temptation to clicking steadily around and being too curious and too open for invitations is not easy, for sure. Social media is a big world and habits are quickly developed. Being honest to the own self is here very important and a strict “No” from time to time is in our best interest. A good realism sets the sails for our “entrepreneur” ship. Reflecting what brings us further is certainly the best path.

There are leaders that try to “tweak” the own “influence” in setting high goals and trying to achieve important relationships with the people around them. Being able to bring value to the people around us is something that can’t be ignored. However, putting too much weight onto results is the false strategy. In the end, it is about “trust”, not about “influence”. Don’t fall into this trap!

People who speak with too much confidence about their future plans and success seem out of step with reality and are quickly discounted as uplifted and arrogant. Learn to distinguish “who” is genuine and “who” plays with the own surroundings, for attracting attention.

What is important:

– Don’t set yourself too high goals!
– Be patient with yourself!
– Concede yourself exceptions!
– Know what you want!
– Don’t cheat yourself!
– Stay grounded!

What influences you in our world? Where do you “sense” temptations? Comments welcome.

We should all be concerned about the future, because we have to spend the rest of our lives there. – C. F. Kettering