The Next Steps

business glory next steps

Many start-ups feel the pressure in today’s evolving business environment. As a new business owner, you will often feel overwhelmed. You must always be confident and deliver what you promise to deliver, not forgetting to stress the benefits of your products or services to your customers. Expressing a positive image of your business at this early stage will make the most of your sales. In addition, this positive image will earn you loyal long-term customers who are one of the biggest assets for the growth of your company.

You need to view the following initiatives as long term growth accelerators.

1. Give Your Business the Persuasive Edge

Whatever type of business you own, you probably started it because you have the technical expertise, design flair, subject knowledge or just had a bright idea. Yet people won’t come to you unless you tell them what you do loudly enough. You need to persuade people to buy from you by introducing the benefits of your products and services, as often as necessary.

However, be honest about what you can offer and never promise what you cannot deliver. Give your customers sufficient time to make that important ‘buying decision’. Make every effort to answer all queries raised by a potential customer. Allow time for a productive conversation and highlight the good features of your products or services. Make your business stand out.

You need to be persuasive without being too aggressive to make a sale. Offer something more, different or better than your competitors.

2. Avoid a Vague Tone

It is in our nature that we lose interest when everything someone says begins with the word ‘I’.
Try starting a conversation with the word ‘you’. It will sound very thoughtful and that is the way your customers like it. Talk clearly, be honest, be respectful and pleasant during any conversation between you and your customer, at any time of the day.

3. Avoid Suspicion

Anything you discuss with customers must reflect your confidence. There is no place for ‘I think’, ‘I hope’, ‘probably’, ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’ within a successful conversation.

You need to include cutting-edge ideas and creative suggestions during any negotiation. Also, avoid weak description of your products or services at all times. You must know your ‘goods’ well to be able to sell them confidently.
Never describe a suggested feature as being quite interesting, but rather, use words that add originality or inspiration.

However, if you are not sure about anything related to the product or service, please do take advice from an expert or do research before answering any customer queries. It is useful to have a thorough knowledge about your business and what it sells. Only the companies that adapt to changes quickly enough will survive longer than the others.

4. Stress the Benefits

To increase the chances of a sale of your products or services, you should constantly emphasise their benefits. The distinguishing features should be well expressed. People increasingly look for benefits when they are serious about making a purchase. Also, listen to what they have to say. Use their constructive feedback for further improvement.
Remind your customers that, what you sell is worth buying for the price they will pay. Show testimonial of happy customers who have brought from you.

These testimonials must reflect the typical experiences of your genuine customers. Building a close connection with your potential customers is crucial.

5. Make Things Interesting

There should be a clear beginning, middle and end in the products or services that are being offered. What you say must reflect something attractive about your business. Make sure you sound friendly, efficient, professional, knowledgeable and reasonable. Ensure such characteristics show, when talking to your customers. Grab their attention with a powerful start, led by benefits, followed by features and you need to maintain that interest throughout.

Share interesting stories and experiences with your customer. This will definitely bring opportunities to progress to the next level.

One satisfied customer and strong relationship carry repeat sales.