The difference between relevance and trust

The difference between relevance and trust

“Relevance. You either compete for it or you don’t. But I promise you that if you do not disrupt yourself, the gift of disruption will be given to you by someone else.” — Brian Solis

A relevant, well-positioned brand is one that is alive, restless and relentlessly moving forward. It challenges itself and its company by pushing itself to earn and re-earn its market position and thus loyalty.

Maintaining relevance requires consistent engagement with customers and prospects in ways that are truly authentic and personal.

Great brands – like Apple and Nike – do this constantly.

Here’s the thing. Experience is the brand. Meaningful and shareable experiences are now forms of marketing.”
—Brian Solis


Are you convinced that you are able to deliver every expectation?

It takes wisdom, insight, empathy, intuition and often a portion of extra effort to be relevant for another person, and be relevant on the market. And relevance is more than being important. Everyone sees himself as important, that is our natural egoism or the will to power.

Relevance is what distinguishes your friend from a stranger. Your connection to your clients can be strengthened by the way you solve their problems. You can become attractive and begin to stand out from the crowd.

Relevance has something to do with circumstances. It is a process and this process starts with questions. Asking what others want and need, what they expect from you as coach or mentor, delivers you valuable information. People will see you as an empathetic and caring person and begin to trust you.

The best salespeople are highly skilled and ask intuitive questions. They want to know, what is relevant to a prospective buyer.

When you do things again and again, do things that are both distinctive and relevant, your brand is consistent and for that you get credit (the necessary acknowledgment, acceptance and recognition). This leads to trust and you create a strong brand.
The difference between relevance and trust is the following:


Relevance is something that we earn by the importance others place on us and on what we do for them.
“Before you can get what you want, you must first help others get what they want.”
Ask what others want and need!


Trust begins with us.
We give our trust, that others learn to trust us.
We should end this trustworthiness myth.
Trying to earn trust and hunting after people, is old-school thinking.
Trust needs a new thinking … a new culture.
The new thinking of trust dispels the myth that we must earn people’s trust.

Make sure the signals you send convey relevance to others
Give your trust !