Startups and the Need of Prioritization

Startups and Need of Prioritization

Knowing your limits as a startup is very important. There are always some people who try to test them. Human beings are social animals, seeking contact, and the exchange. People want to interact with others, they want to feel special, they expect being listened and understood.

Sometimes it is better to follow the own instincts, than trying to be perfect for everyone and playing an empathetic role for another person. Stop saying “Yes”, when you rather want to say “No”. It’s always important to know the own limits. Don’t feel guilty, when you trust your gut and say “No”. Sometimes it is okay to prioritize other things. Saying “No” can even be healthy and can mean, that we know our boundaries. That we know our “value” and our “price”.

No one expects that we are perfect and that we stress ourselves. Not everything is about obligations.

The biggest lesson for a startup is the importance of focus:
Continual prioritization, having discipline and learning to say “No”.

Deciding what not to do, is much harder, than what to do.

“No” is powerful. It’s a word that is said by people and businesses that are sure of what they do and what they have to offer. Only the best companies will say “No” to a potential client.

You should learn:
Perfectionist tendencies are counterproductive in a startup environment.
Who has to admit being in need about the next best client, follows a false strategy. The best businesses interview people before they become clients. They turn people away that aren’t a good fit.

Saying “No” is about evolving and living up to the own company philosophy.

Great startups and brands have a special appreciation for positioning and they communicate clear messages to their fans and clients.

Know your real capacity and be selective! Selectivity is one of the defining characteristics of the expert.