How to Use Your Social Media Skills to Earn Money

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Whether you are new to social media consultant or you are doing it for a while, the demand for companies and organizations to have a social media help is getting bigger each day.

Although it seems like everyone knows how to use Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but the truth is for so many businesses, the social media and the online engagement is still a mystery that can’t be solved. There’s a huge community online with so many potentials, but so many businesses don’t know how to get benefit and how to build a real presence for their businesses and brands.

If you know how to play good with online tools, this is a huge opportunity for you. That’s said, you need to know that, there is a huge difference between using social media on a personal level and use it on a business level. Because businesses are using social media for more complex reasons than any individuals using social for themselves. Businesses have strategies and goals for social media, while people don’t.

So if you want to start making money from your social media skills, here are some tips that can help:

Value your social media skills

First you need to know the value to your skills. The knowledge you have, is so valuable to other businesses, so never underestimates yourself. This is a problem for some people who have ideas and skills that deserve a price tag.

Prepare your case studies

You need to have at least two case studies to prove your skills not only to your potential clients, but to yourself too. You can either pick a friend with a business, small business or non-profit organization that can use your help for free. This will give the opportunity to identify gaps in your skills, gaining experience, building a resume and most of all self confidence in your skills. But don’t make the mistake of working for free in the long term. do it once or twice then stop and start looking for your first paying customer.

Name your services

There are so many services that come under the social media services. It can be coaching, create strategies, build an online presence, grow online communities and the list goes long. Also there are opportunities to work with individuals, Businesses (small and big scale) Organizations.
The best practice to do is to narrow down your services a to be specific. If you don’t have a specific definition for your services and who is your ideal customer then you can’t accomplish your goals. Serving all people means serving no one.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Coaching individuals.
  • Running workshops.
  • Offering training and resources.
  • Creating strategies for clients.
  • Executing social media campaigns.
  • Maintaining social media profiles.

Decide how much to charge

Prices for social media consulting have a very wide spectrum. It starts from free to hundred dollars per hour. You may charge high prices and people will think you are too expensive. In the other hands you may charge low and others will think you’re not a pro. Other challenges are whether you want to work per hour or per project.

Let’s be honest, as you are starting up as a consultant. Your prices could be varied from client to client. The easiest way to resolve this dilemma is to offer several tiers of service with different price tags attached.

A tip to remember is to charge more than you think you should. Why? Because you’d be surprised at how much people will pay for your expertise; too many of us undervalue our work.

Build your own Brand

After you defining your services and targeted clients, start to build your business website, your blog and own social media campaigns. Offer some tips of your knowledge of an authority mindset. Give away some knowledge to put yourself in a proposition, so your client will trust you more and value your services. Also build a relationship with other social media consultants and join meetings with them. This will not only help you to get more expertise but, it will put you as a part of this community. It’s part of your image and who you are.

Finally, being a social media consultant is going to be a lot of work. There’s time for establishing and preparing yourself as a consultant, before you get your first well-paying client. But I think it’s a journey worth to take.

If you have any other aspects you think people reading this should take into account, please leave them in the comments section below.