5 Winning Social Media Marketing Techniques

social media marketing techniques

Social Media is the number one daily activity among Americans, and according to Fast Company, 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business.

Many businesses still can’t make the most of social media marketing, because they can’t fully integrate to their business strategy.

To ensure that your social media marketing campaigns contribute to your brand’s greater business objectives, we’ve gathered five winning social media marketing techniques.

1. Social Brand Building

To build a brand and social influence, you need to be popular online and engage with your audience. The engagement with your audience will help you create value for them and build trust for your business. People will love to buy from you and/or refer you to their friends and family which leads to sustainable success. However, this technique is extremely slow. It requires patience and consistency. Its impact is not immediate. It could take months to a year to build your brand online. Also, this technique needs to truly care about your audience and understand their needs.

To implement this technique, you can dedicate at least one long-term person who understands your target audience and can engage with them. The result will be a trusted brand that people will love to interact with.

2. Social Brand Targeting

Unlike the social brand building technique, social brand targeting is for short-time results with immediate impact. The goal here is different. It’s about sales and conversions. To implement this technique, you need to look for individuals on social media platforms one by one and engage with them like finding people on Twitter by keywords, contact someone on LinkedIn for a B2B sale, or commenting on a blogger’s post. It’s a direct sale and that’s why it’s fast. The problem with this technique, you could be seen as spam or identified as a spammer. Your business reputation will be damaged. Also your social accounts might be deleted.

To implement this technique, you must to carefully interact with people and provide them with services/ products they need.The results will be higher sales and conversions.

3. Creating a buzz

Creating an online buzz, will help to reach millions of people in a short time, if you have a good budget for your marketing campaign, this technique is great for you, specially if you product and service is interesting/sexy by itself. To create a social media buzz, you can create a viral video, hosting a competition, or creating a mini site that gets peoples’ attention. The only drop back of this technique is for a bigger-scaled campaign and it requires an organized professional firm to coordinate the entire thing. Also, there’s a risk involved with this technique since the chances of being viral can be slim.

4. Social Bookmarking Generation

Social bookmarking sites will help you to drive a lot of traffic in a short time. With sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, and Delicious, your content can reach millions of people and drive tons of traffic to your website. Although, the traffic is extremely high, but it’s not targeted which make the conversation rates very low. So if your goals are to reach not sell, this technique is great for you. Keeping in mind that you need to have a good server for your website since the high traffic generated from these sites can crash your server.

5. Social Media Influencer

When your company has a budget, and launching a new product or campaign, you need lots of buzz with targeted traffic onto your site, having a social media influencer is most effective and powerful way of doing social media marketing. It helps you to build brand awareness, trust and create huge traffic. Also this technique generates a large amount of qualified traffic through a medium of trust.

To implement this technique, you need to identify who are the top influencers in your niches and establish relationships with them. Some marketers pay the influencers directly to advertise or sponsor a conversation. Some give out free units, and some just give out first dips to new services.

What techniques have you tried and what works best? Share your thoughts with us.