Selling … or Narrowing Your Focus


Do you scare your customers?
Fact is: If you sell something your customers don’t understand – and when you offer too many solutions and products – chances are it confuses and scares them.
How do you make people trust you?
Your company and brand, with its collection of products and services, with its staff, could be very well good at all sorts of stuff. Don’t fall into the trap to be seduced by the own unlimited possibilities!

Here are five lessons we might all remember:
1. Know your company’s uniqueness!
2. Set everyone among your employees up for success!
3. Develop skills and talents among your employees!
4. Provide stimulation for top performers in your company.
5. Allow fun and individuality in your company.

It is clear that you could do many things for your prospective customers. Making people interested in everything. That does not bring you any further in your success

• Pick the one thing that you really want to do and “sell”
• That only you and your company can “sell” best
• … and for what your customers are dying for you

What is that one thing for you and your company?

Knowledge is power – and that includes knowing the own self. – Karin Sebelin

Become a student of yourself and more aware what you want in life and in business. Make yourself ask questions and avoid assumptions, that you are enough prepared. Don’t live in the illusion that your concept is good!

When you offer your customers too many solutions, they struggle and in the end they feel overwhelmed and lose the right feeling, what is good for them.
The key question any brand, business, and company or individual faces is:“Why do we exist?”

Don’t answer with: “Making money!”. This is no answer. Important in business is, that your brand thrives.

What we should learn?
Narrow your focus, when you want to become successful!
Concentrate on what is essential for you and your customers!

The world is a reflection of ourselves. What we offer other people, we will somehow get back. We are what we think.