Raise Your Visibility Factor


Gone are the days, when it was acceptable for a CEO to operate only out of the own executive office, and to leave all the public events to the colleagues in PR and communications.

Everyone of us shares certainly the same opinion, that there exists a necessity for increased visibility for business leaders.
There are many ways of raising visibility and before starting a visibility strategy we should be clear about the following points:
1) Gaining clarity on what we really bring to the table
2) Gaining clarity what visibility means in the business world
3) Measuring where we are at now with the own visibility factor
4) Creating a visibility plan
5) Enhancing the own brand statement
6) Gaining clarity about effective networking and building the own network
7) Effective brand management in the media

Let us be clear:
Time has changed. Now it is necessary for business leaders and CEOs to be proactive about their exposure and visibility and manage it in line with building the reputation of the company.
Eleri Sampson referenced in her book “Build Your Personal Brand” the three biggest factors in career progression are:
• 10 per cent – doing your job
• 30 per cent – attitude and behavior
• 60 per cent – visibility and exposure
(Sampson, 2002)

There are three main areas to consider for you as a senior leader with regard to visibility: your internal stakeholders, your external stakeholders and the rest of the world.

Being visible is not always about being face-to-face visible.
Great examples and chances are these:
Get into contact with industry journalists and media contacts, content writers, experts and bloggers in your industry. Seek authors who could reference you in their books and articles. Talk to event organizers for relevant conferences, and organizers for charity dinners and events.
Make yourself easily contactable and available to the media – broadcast, online and print media. Treat every media interview as an opportunity to enhance your personal brand.
Contribute articles to magazines in your field and industry.
Comment in groups and on blogs.
Be present on social media, post regularly, engage regularly.
Be interested in other people – be open, trustworthy and grateful.
Give your trust – to be remembered and trusted, too.

Being interested in others makes you a more interesting person.

– Will Kintish

And be inspired by the following words:

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you that counts.

– David Avrin