10 Easy Productive Things to Do to Increase Creativity

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When it comes to creativity, everything is about productivity and efficiency. As it’s important to deliver high quality projects to your customers, it’s also important to get your project done fast. Your productivity will affect how much money you will be able to make at the end of the month.

Below are some productive things to do to increase your productivity.

1- Define clear deadlines for your projects.

Projects with no deadlines can continue forever. The project’s deadline will help you to have a clear vision of how much time and effort you need to spend for each particular project.

2- Define each project’s task

It’s important to define all your project’s tasks from day one. For each project’s task you have, make sure to assign estimate time to it, so your progress will be tracked.

3- Break big tasks to manageable ones

Working on big task can be confusing and will waste your time, working on specific small task can be much easier. Convert your big tasks into milestones and include your  small tasks under the big main task.

4- Track your time

Recording the time you spent to complete a task will defiantly help you to be more productive. Also, knowing the time you need to spend on each task will help you plan your day which will lead to greater efficiency.

5- Evaluate your progress

Evaluating your work performance is so important to increase your productivity. This will help you to know which task is taking the most of your time so you can improve your performance in this particular area.

6- Do one task at a time.

As it’s cool multi-tasking seems to be, studies shows that focusing on one task at a time will help you to accomplish more at the end of the day. Use productivity apps to stay focused on a particular task.

7- Eliminate Distractions

Set a certain amount of time each day to check your emails and social media. Rather than going back and forth on your accounts, you can put 10 minutes each hour or two to check them and leave the other 50 minutes focusing on the task you are working with

8- Take breaks

Taking short breaks during your work hours will help you to be more productive, spending a few minutes a way from your desk will give your mind and body time to rest so you will return refreshed to work for the next task.

9- Go mobile

Try to work on other places you are enjoying like your favorites coffee shop or bookstore.

10- Celebrate your success

For each project delivery celebrates your success and takes the time to enjoy your achievement. This will help you to change your energy and be more productive for the next project.