Microsoft HoloLens has an official ship date March 30th

businessglory Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has opened the pre-orders for HoloLens and the company plans to begin shipping units in the US and Canada beginning March 30th.

The developers who submitted applications to buy the $3,000 headset back in October of last year. Soon, they will get invitations to order the HoloLens Development Edition and see it shipped to them at the end of March.

However, the commercial version of the HoloLens is not ready yet as in today’s announcement, Microsoft said that’s the headset is still far from a consumer reality.

Microsoft is making six dedicated HoloLens applications freely available to developers as soon as they receive their units this spring.

“highlight unique capabilities of HoloLens and to illustrate for developers how they can be used in everyday applications.”  Kudo Tsunoda, who heads up the Windows App Studio at Microsoft said.

In Separate blog post, Microsoft revealed, a new selection of official HoloLens app experiences, which join the previously announced HoloLens Studio, Holographic Story Telling and Project X-Ray (now called RoboRaid).

A full, standalone Windows 10 device, HoloLens combines the wearer’s real world with a virtual one. It uses a combination of HD displays. See-through lenses and precise eye calibration to create a pretty powerful effect. It’s different from other virtual reality headsets introduced by Samsung and Oculus.

Because of the built-in 3D depth-sensing camera and precise motion sensors, projected images fully interact with the physical world. Virtual objects, for instance, can bounce off the real furniture and you can blast virtual holes in real walls. It also does a good job of delivering immersion audio to your ears without the need for headphones.