Make Customers The Hero

Make customers the hero

This year it is really important to rethink our marketing behavior. We too often try to demonstrate, how effective our marketing system is, how wonderful marketing skills we have and how fantastic our marketing concept works.

Simply said: We want to convince! And we try to prove that so often.

Instead of attracting people with our brand, we make people angry and our good intentions miss the mark.  We try to engage prospects on LinkedIn in nice messages, try to persuade them, and wonder why our strategy does not work. Sometimes our efforts end up alienating the very people we seek.

A totally sad strategy is, interrupting people in what they’re trying to do: People try to find their own concepts and ideas and marketers irritate them totally. In that way, that the very people are frustrated.

People want and expect a personal concept. We should not interrupt potential customers in their own imagination. We should learn to engage them on their terms, not to force them into a kind of tricky conversation and “selling concept”.

People want to feel special. We need to tailor our offers.

People have to like us, have to like our ideas and presentation, before they will buy from us.

Considerate invitations are far more effective than intrusive interruptions, where people feel like having experienced an assault.

Make customers the hero, learn to respect them and their wishes.

We should help people to feel good about themselves.

When we ask:  “Who may I connect you with?” and wish the person a happy new week, the person feels appreciated and respected.

Don’t bombard people with your ideas!

Giving people a good experience remains the frontier on which companies compete and win today.

Check it out!

No matter a company’s size, businesses should treat their potential customers like kings and queens. Take the time to know them personally, learn their preferences and become more than a seller.