Life is No Stage

Life is no stage

As business entrepreneurs, we believe we have everything under control. We think we are full of creative and innovative ideas and create our own opportunities. Having enough self-esteem and self-confidence is enough and trusting our abilities adds to that. We rely on the own self-understanding, on the own principles, on the own belief and values and see us in the best light.

Our dignity and our pride are so much coined through this awareness, through this trust, that we often tend to overestimate us. We lose the ability to having an objective view of ourselves and the clear view how we should behave. We begin to hold us too important that any care for our attitude through our surroundings has no effect.

When you are able to take an idea and make it come to life, sell it, grow your company and still be able to feed your family, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, isn’t it?
However, much of this control is out of your hands.

We must plan.

And we must take steps to analyze and think strategically about the future.
So having full control is an illusion.

What you should learn

There is a thin line between having self-confidence and being illusional.
Entrepreneurial dreams are everything, but not on the basis of self-confidence.
Too much love for the own person results in losing each sensitivity! Sensitivity for others, for the own surroundings and for the own situation!

Life is no stage … stay grounded!

Whatever stage your startup or your business is at, hang on tight.
10 successful entrepreneurs correspond to 150 000 unsuccessful ones. Only for showing how it is. Don’t believe all you read about entrepreneurship and success.

Entrepreneurship does not mean: Having full control and coming to success. Entrepreneurship better means: Never give up, and learn from failures.

Entrepreneurs fail a lot, they just do not quit. Entrepreneurs face and overcome their failures and realize that failure is good, it lets you know what does not work.

As an entrepreneur, you should be prepared to:

  • Work harder than you’ve ever worked before
  • Sacrifice time with friends and family
  • Give up the lifestyle you are used to…
  • Learn from your failures
  • Be inspired by others’ stories
  • Stand for what you believe in
  • Tell the truth
  • Develop your brand further
  • Live an ethical life
  •  ….and give up living an illusion

“Entrepreneurship is an illusion of certainty.” – Karin Sebelin