Let Contacts Happen

let contacts happen

Do you know that social media is a “conversation”?

Social media is a channel, where people engage with each other and share news and information.

You think, you have got enough connections … who cares? Your network is big enough … why caring about all these people? Wasting time and trying to earn people’s attention is useless … your focus is on results!

How do we know, when we’re connecting more than normal, that we make an impact? This is, perhaps, the most important reason we open our mouths. We want to make an impact. We are selfish. When do we really make a difference? Or when do we even leave a legacy? When people give us feedback, then we really make a difference. Our message has really moved something.

Fact is: Real success in social media begins with a conversation, not with chasing results.

Help people, solve their problems and genuinely connect! Create an invisible, inner circle in your business network, where you intuitively put contacts who are deeply connected and linked with you.

In order to continue a conversation with someone on social media that leads to a strong relationship, follow these tips.

  1. Wish the person a nice weekend / a Happy New Year / Happy Easter
  2. Be grateful and express your gratitude
  3. Continue to interact with the person in the future
  4. Be interested in the person’s profile and expertise
  5. Ask where you can help the person

Conversations are important on social media, because they allow relationships to build. Some of these relationships may turn into sales, subscribers, and people who promote your products. However, most conversations on social media are either one-sided or do not last for a long time.
What you should learn?

  • Social media is a conversation … so connect with people!
  • Share your thoughts and ideas and make a difference!
  • Invite people with friendly words into an inner circle!
  • Be generous and helpful!
  • Ask what people need!


Recognize the real gems in your life!
Karin Sebelin


What are your thoughts on having conversations on social media?