HTC Has Made $12 Million from HTC Vive in Less than 10 Mins

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Although HTC were struggling to sell its smartphones, but it looks like its gamble on virtual reality may have been worth it.

HTC sold 15,000 HTC Vive units within the first 10 minutes once the the preorder opened on Monday. The $800 headset were long waited by tech and gaming lovers.

“Woah, more than 15k units in less than 10min” Shen Ye, a VR product specialist at the HTC wrote on his Twitter Account.

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If we do some math, that’s mean HTC has made $12 million of those 15,000 headsets and of course, the company had sold even more after those ten minutes. That’s not really bad for an unproven technology that costs $800 and requires a $1,000 PC

HTC is taking a different approach than the Oculus VR(HTC Vive competitor that cost $600) in its pre-order campaign. Oculus VR has refused to share any numbers about how many people have laid down an early order for the anticipated device.

These early successes are showing that VR has a lot of interest. Many companies are investing in the VR industry, we’ve seen devices like Samsung’s Gear VR and the Google Cardboard ( the cheapest VR that costs $15). More is coming with Microsoft HoloLens. This market is on track for $861 million in spending this year.

HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset that connected to your computer. Unlike other VR devices, Vive has a number of extra sensors that can track your movement around a room. This amps up the feeling that you are present in another place, and it is the main selling point of the Vive compared to its competition.

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