How Writing a Book Can Help You Grow Your Business

businessglory - How Writing a Book Can Help You Grow Your Business

Have you, as entrepreneur, ever thought about writing and publishing a non-fiction book? No?

What speaks against proving the own creativity, communication skills and leadership qualities and demonstrating the world that you have learned your “stuff”?

Today, writing a book is a good marketing chance for a business owner. But there are other reasons, why many entrepreneurs are becoming authors:

Position yourself as an expert
Writing a book and thus being known as an author immediately adds to your credibility and to your reputation. People will learn to trust you more and will feel more comfortable buying from someone who was written down his thoughts and experience in a book, as opposed to someone who hasn’t. A book gives people a kind of security.

Leave a legacy
With your book you can leave a legacy. It is not only about writing your memoir that you can leave a legacy. Even with another topic and book you leave something behind for the posterity. This makes proud and can give you a lasting feeling.

It’s about the process
It is true and any writer will tell you, that writing a book changes you. It makes you grow. You can experience wonderful moments and will know your business now on a whole new level. Writing a book is the next step in your professional growth.

Annotation: A writer never writes a book for earning money! Money is always secondary!

Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.

– E. B. White