How to Steal The Show

how to steal the show

Something that is clearly lacking in many companies is an effective method for training people how to talk convincing. We work with numerous companies and with people at all levels within our organization, but often lack the right communication skills.

Persuasion is much more than merely having all the facts, knowledge, ideas and logical arguments to convince. A leader who is able to get people to follow, is persuasive with character, credibility, human psychology and the right emotions.

Aristotle, Greek philosopher, named the secret of being a persuasive speaker as the combination of ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos is the attempt to persuade with character, credibility, and authority. Pathos appeals to the emotions of our audience. And logos has to do with logic. These three together are called the persuasive appeals.

In organizations the most important and most neglected factor is the appeal to pathos. A credible leader who is able to connect on the emotional level has good chances for success. People who possess ethos and logos, but cannot convince on the emotional level, and lack the needed human empathy, may struggle.

You may think that only actors perform, on a stage, but the reality is, we are all performers. Also in business. Think about it. It is not about being glamorous. When you Skype via webcam or speak on a panel, you’re performing. Whether we want it, or not, our professional lives are full of public moments, we can’t escape. The irony is, even though we don’t see ourselves as performers, we have to perform.

Learn to Steal the Show and improve your three important persuasive appeals. It is up to you, whether you are up for a leading or a supporting role. We too often make the choice to play small, because we have not enough self-trust to seize the opportunities in front of us. It’s what we do with that fear and doubt, that makes us who we are.

Develop an everyday tactics for professional success.

Become an effective communicator and leader!


Play the right role – in every situation!” – Karin Sebelin


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