How to Market a Product Successfully on a Low Budget


Marketing a new product is never easy, even if you have the best product on the planet, without a solid marketing strategy sales will never happen.

To effectively engage with your current customers and attract new ones, your marketing campaign must be clear and has a strong brand message.

Today I will show you how to run an effective and focused marketing campaign with a low budget.

1. The Pre-Launch campaign.

Start your marketing campaign before the actual launch of your product. With today’s technology, there’s no better place to use than the social media. Send a message to the social media world of the excited new thing that you are about to launch. You can use Facebook ads on a low budget, select the audience you want to target and send your campaign to them. Make sure to have a form to collect the data from your targeted audience in order to use this  data later when you launch your product.

2.  Create Inexpensive ads.

One of the most expensive parts of any marketing campaign, is the creative of marketing materials like online ads, fliers or videos ads. A good place to create low price ads is Fiverr is a global online marketplace that offers a wide range of services including graphic design to online marketing that starts from $5.

3.Social  media influencer

The most effective way to promote your product with today’s online community is finding an influencer to talk about your product. It’s highly recommended to go with this technique.  You will have the buzz that you are looking to drive sales. Identify the top influencers in your market and create a relationship with them. You can give them free units in exchange for their sponsorship.

4. Free Gifts and giveaways

Giveaways are the best way to promote your product. Everyone loves to have free gifts and giveaways. It’s the fastest way to let people know about your product and try it. You can try to run a contest and giveaways.