How to Increase Productivity and Speed up Your Creative Work

How to Increase Productivity
How to Increase Productivity

Whether you are a creative artiest or you work with a creative team, increasing your work speed is so important. It will help you to bring new projects to the table and free up time for research, learn new things or/and to have more time for rest and relaxing.

Speeding up with your work doesn’t mean to deliver a poor quality of work, but it means that you deliver the highest quality of work with less time.

Below are few things on how to increase productivity and deliver your work faster

1- Organize your projects

Organizing your projects with their tasks is one of the most important factors that can help you to work faster, because once you’ve defined all your project’s tasks and set priorities you will have a clear path to follow all the way down and you will know what you need to do in each step of your project. There will be no guessing or wondering during your work progress because everything is already cleared and defined.

2- Plan your day

By planning your day with a predefined tasks you will have the opportunity of knowing exactly what to do next. This will help to be more productive and less distracted, because you will be focused only on the task you are currently working on. This will make your life easy and get the work done faster.

3- Use timer to track your time

Use timer to track your time and use it to help you racing with the clock. Motivate yourself to accomplish each task in less time than originally assigned for it. Timers have the magic of getting things done faster. Never starts a task with a timer being on.

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4- Mark it as complete

Once you’ve completed a task, take it away from your list. By doing so you will have a clear view of what to do next and you will be more motivated to finish more tasks and if anything remains incomplete at the end of the day. It can be carried over to tomorrow’s to do list and this will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

5- Automate

Automate your processes, although you may consider it out of your work time but actually your automation process is part of project progress. Remember your brain is not the most efficient tool and real systems are the ones that make the changes in work and life.

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