How to Improve Communication Skills

How to Improve Communication Skills

Mastering communication skills is a huge part of everyday life. Leaders are expert communicators that drive change and get results they want in work and life. Effective communication is more than what you say. It is presenting yourself and your message to have the most positive impact on people.

Effective communications start with connecting with people sooner that later to have the best impact on them. Learning how to improve communication skills will bring the visibility and success that help you to deal with difficult people, influence others and much more.

Here are 5 areas that can help you shape your communication skills and drive change for you and the others.

Connecting through questions

Questions help to build your credibility as professional and demonstrate your willingness to let go of narcissistic monologue and involve another in participatory dialogue. It makes an excellent opportunity to build rapport with new people and improve relation with the existing one. Always start with open-end questions.

Connecting through empathy

Taking the time to understand someone’s situation and feelings gives you the opportunity to be valuable to them. Learning and practicing how listen attentively without interrupting and being supportive will give you a huge advantage to improve your communications skills. Choose your phrases to reflect concern about the situation of the other is a key element of your communication skills.

Learn to build rapport

Creating a relationship with another person that based on commonality, harmony and human connection and is it easy when you and the person have a lot in common. Impromptu rapport on the hand doesn’t’ come naturally and have to find something in common to spark a conversation with a person. It takes energy and practice but, the stronger you are at rapport building the strong achiever you will become.
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Communication with confidence

Can you name a visionary or great leader who lacked confidence? So, build your self-esteem and never hesitate. People enjoy talking with high confidence people because it shows you are playing the game at a higher level than they are and make you more intelligent.

Dealing with interrupters

When you are communicating you might encounter someone in which they constantly interrupted you. You can take care of the interrupters in three steps. Start by making direct eye contacts and keeps talking. If didn’t work, add a hand gesture and he/she they didn’t’ get it, you can politely ask the interrupter to let you finish.

Improving communication skills require a willingness to dedicate yourself to learning and engaging with people. Use the information above and commit to implementing what you learn and remember. Practice, practice, practice.