How to Have a Better Time Management Using My Calendar

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There’re two types of calendars, clean calendar that let’s you know where and when you need to be today, and a messy calendar of overlapping appointments that’re make you confuse.

Your calendar is the simplest and most efficient tool you have that helps you to be productive and have smooth and efficient day. Because of the many mobile apps and calendars we installed in our devices, many of us ended up with having many calendars that come from different systems with overlapping appointments.

So, how to have better time management using your calendar? Here are some tips that can help.

1. Have one simple calendar

The first rule you need to remember for your calendar, is simplicity. The simpler your calendar, the most effective it will be. Planning your calendar should take a few minutes of your day. The other thing to consider is to use one calendar that gathers all your appointments. There are many calendar apps that are free and come as part of your mobile device. Select the one that most convenient to you and stick to it.

2. Put all your appointments in your calendar

Your calendar will be useless if it doesn’t have all your appointments and tasks in it. Make a habit to enter your appointment or task once it happened. If you are making an appointment, make sure to gather all the information needed; starting time, duration, location and the purpose of the appointment.

3. Don’t allow conflict to stand

It is not uncommon to end up with overlapping appointments. It happens. However, don’t let this conflict stand. Make sure you resolve calendar conflicts as soon as you identify them. After all, you cannot be in two places or doing two things at once.

4. Block time for your work and daily activities.

Make it yours. What I mean is don’t work on other people’s priorities all day. Make sure you block out time for your work. Make appointments for your tough tasks and important projects. Block lunch time too, many will be neglect to consider the time zone difference. If you are constantly receiving lunch time meeting requests, then block out your lunch hour. If someone really needs to meet, then you can resolve the conflict with your lunch.

5. Say “No” for meeting with no agenda

Keeping your calendar clear and free is better than filling it with time-wasting meetings. There are so many meeting requests with no details. No agenda, no purpose, and sometimes not even a topic. If someone cannot tell you why he/she wants to meet with you, it is probably not going to be a worthy investment of your time. So be careful with these types of meetings.

6. 30 Mins rule.

Most calendar systems default meeting time is “1 hour”. In fact most meetings don’t need longer than 30 minutes. So make a habit to make the default time for your appointments is 30 mins. This will give your calendar a space to breath and you will have time to do more outstanding meetings and tasks.