How of Personal Branding: Setting Appropriate Goals

Personal Branding

As I have written in my previous posts on Personal Branding here on Business Glory, an authentic, well developed Social Brand can be all the difference between business going to your closest competitor or you. But it isn’t as direct or simple as it sounds. To ignite your Social Brand requires a real and total focus and goal-setting. Here is how to not lose your focus and win influence online by setting SMART goals.
So how do you create personal branding goals? Depending on your business, industry, career and competitiveness of the market, your goals may differ. However, there are 5 key criteria around these goals that are consistent for any successful online brand. Your Personal Branding goals should support:
1. Realistic numbers whether that be leads per month, # of speaking engagement, industry media mentions, and so on, and those numbers fit within realistic time frames. For a Personal Brand to gain real influence takes real time.

2. Your personal goals. For example, recently I was interviewed for a video-based series “Moms Making Millions” on “Sacrifice of family and being an entrepreneur.” I quickly realized that family planning and time spent with family is a key consideration related to personal branding. Will your personal brand enable you to spend more time with your family? Is your family ready for your commitment to building this brand? This is an important life decision and should be reviewed and planned for to support work-life balance.

3. Your key strengths. Setting goals for your personal brand differ from setting general business goals because this requires you to first truly understand where you, as an individual, shine the most. If you can focus on your main strength, you have a much higher probability for success.

4. An investment in both time and money for your Personal Brand. If you are truly invested in your brand and have appropriate, realistic measurable goals behind it, you have a much better chance of success.

5. A natural tie into your business. Ideally your own brand online should help to drive leads or industry media attention to your company. So when you set these individual goals, think of them in the context of your own business plan. Where do you want to take your business? What are your own growth projections and how can a personal brand help to meet them?

As you move forward in the world of Social Branding, keep these 5 points related to goal-setting in mind. Just like any other marketing or online marketing activity, Personal Branding requires a plan and strategy. That strategy needs to have real goals to benchmark against, measure, manage and attain. Feel free to ask questions or comment here related to goal setting and personal branding online.

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