How a Strong Personal Brand Can Position You for Success

businessglory - How a Strong Personal Brand Can Position You for Success

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. Succeeding as an entrepreneur is even harder. It takes guts, brains, focus, persistence, resources and a total commitment to make it happen. No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, no matter the field or industry, you must have all of these things to continually move forward in your journey for business glory. A key component of being a successful entrepreneur today is the development, growth and protection of a strong social brand or personal brand online. Learn the benefits of social branding for entrepreneurs and how you can start to create a business driving social brand for yourself right now in this article.

First it would make sense to help you understand what a Social Brand really means. The Social Brand of an entrepreneur is how you as a person as a brand as a business unit drive a certain target perception online. A Social Brand is how you appear as your digital self. It is the brand online that you put out there and nurture that speaks to your Social Ecosystem about who you are, what you do, how you communicate and whom you align with in your industry, what verticals you support.

So what are the massive opportunities from effective Personal Branding Online? A powerful Social Brand can lead to many great business opportunities for Entrepreneurs, as I have personally witnessed in the work I do supporting Social Brands of Executives. These benefits include:

  • Gaining targeted Media attention
  • Driving Visibility around your Brand
  • Driving Visibility around your company, services and products
  • Growing your exposure in influential circles
  • Establish credibility, trust with your audience
  • Develop thought-leadership in your industry

So where do Entrepreneurs start in Social Branding? To build yourself as a potential influencer online in your industry, you first need to assess your unique market position or your niche. A great starting point is your LinkedIn Profile. Review it along with your resume and bio. What consistent experience and skills thread across these? What have your employers, colleagues, vendors, partners and clients said about you as a professional? Look at your recommendations, reference letters, and endorsements. What is the focus of these? What do you believe is your natural strength in business, in your category, in your industry? The first thing you need to do in Social Branding is to identify and commit to your brand niche.

Post defining your niche, especially because Online Marketing is fueled by Content, you then need to uncover what types of content you can commit to creating or publishing. Are you a speaker, a researcher, a writer, a community relationship manager? Where do you sit here? You will need to get

engaged with your chosen social ecosystem. Think about what you will contribute and how you will contribute, to where will you contribute. Will you have your own Blog? Will you comment on industry sites? Will you provide educational videos or will someone else do this for you? Content Marketing, development , production and distribution is a key component of social branding success. In this, you will also need to spend time determining your own brand voice. This must be authentic and support the language and interests of your target audience.

There is so much more involved with developing your Entrepreneurial Social Brand and I do not want to overwhelm you. This article should be your starting point. To understand what is a Social Brand, how does it benefit the Entreprenuer and how you can start to plan for your own powerful personal brand online In my next Businessglory post, I will dig deeper into the How-to’s of Social Branding for Entrepreneurs, ripe with client examples and known ones as well.

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Jasmine Sandler, with over 15 years’ of Senior-level B2B client Digital Marketing Consulting and CEO experience at her own Digital Agency, Agent-cy Online Marketing since 2006, is an Internet Marketing industry awarded Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategist (2012, 2013, 2014); Top SEO Influencer on Twitter (2014) and Top Content Marketer (2014). She is a global keynote speaker, consultant and trainer on B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies, LinkedIn Selling, SEO and Online Branding for Key Executives.