Google Docs Gets Voice Typing, Editing and Formatting

business glory - Google Docs Gets Voice Typing, Editing and Formatting

As of today, Google docs users will be able to edit and format their documents by voice.  Since the voice typing feature that rolled out in September, Google’s improved speech recognition to allow editing and formatting of Docs files.

Now you can edit and format your Google docs using through a desktop computer’s microphone.

“You shouldn’t have to use additional complex software to accomplish everyday tasks with voice typing. You can already use your voice to take action in Google search and find content in your inbox or Drive folders. Now you can use it to capture, edit and format your ideas in Docs.” said product manager Isaiah Greene in a blog post.

To enter text into a Docs file or to edit or format that text, you need to activate the “Voice typing” feature from the Tools menu in Google Docs.  The commands available to Docs users allow voice-based manipulation of font sizes, paragraph formatting, list and table creation, cursor movement within documents,  highlight and replace a word,change heading formats and other options.

While learning all the voice commands — there are thousands of combinations — could take some time, it will be a useful tool for those who prefer a hands-free experience.

The voice command feature is only available for Chrome users on desktop but not for Android and iOS.

The new feature is available today, worldwide.