Exclusive interview with Lori Mixson: an entrepreneur woman with deep Texan roots


Lori Mixson, an amazing woman entrepreneur with a wide range of expertise. She is a marketing and PR expert, actress, author, record setting fundraiser, political strategist, and social media influencer.

In a recent delightful chat with Mrs. Lori Mixson, we talked about her latest projects, her dreams and mission to inspire and empower other women entrepreneurs.

Q1: What are you energized about now?
There are a lot of different things I’m doing right now that I’m so passionate about. It is important to me to help empower women, globally. I strive to channel my given nature to be compassionate, charitable, sympathetic, warm, tender, understanding, a humanitarian, original, reliable, trustworthy, strong, authentic and genuine. I hope to radiate these virtues to empower young girls and women to capitalize on their gifts and talents to create their masterpiece life. My advocacy for cancer patients began on Twitter when a friend from Texas had reached the end of the road for her cancer treatment except for the hope of #CompassionateUse access of pharmaceutical drugs not yet on the market that were impossible to obtain without an army of cancer warriors interceding on her behalf and many others since. Now Legislation is being enacted around the Country to allow CompassionateUse to those who need it most. This advocacy has extended to working with a neurosurgeon who has the desire & plan to cure his patients and others around the world to Capitol Hill (where my career began) to meeting with Legislators/The President & Vice President’s #moonshot staff in Washington, DC. I’ve spent the last four years trying to help cancer patients have more chances to live by being a voice for them.


I am very excited about my role in “The Last Duane” an incredible film, my new cooking show now in production, “MixsonItUp”, and my work in marketing, consulting, political strategy/leadership and public relations.

Q2: You’re known as the “Last Angel”, where did the name come from?
I began my career in the political world with the infamous 12 term Democratic Congressman Charlie Wilson; I worked for Charlie helping Constituents of his Congressional District as a liaison for them with Federal Agencies and as a Scheduler. It was the best thing that could have happened to me career-wise. Charlie called me “The Last Angel” of what was known as “Charlie’s Angels”, I was the baby of the staff. Charlie gave me the greatest gift, he believed in me!

Since then, I have worked for several Members of Congress directly and on their political campaign doing press, fund-raising for political candidates & managing successful political races.

Q3: You’ve set a Record as a Fundraiser, how did you achieve that?
During my work as Director of Finance at David Fisher for Texas Senate, we were the first Texas Senate Campaign in history that raised 2.2 million dollars, at that time. I’m still so proud of that record achieved alongside amazing teammates.

Q4: You have a very strong background in Marketing and PR, can you share more with us?
I’ve worked in marketing, consulting and PR over 20 years, I worked for several Members of Congress directly and on their political campaigns over those years. I learned via campaigning that if you can help sell a person/candidate, you can sell anything you believe in. I have always had a passion for marketing and technology.

Q5: Can you tell me about the “The Last Duane”? Why you choose to be in a western film?
The Last Duane is a western film based on the 1914 novel The Last of The Duanes by one of the most prolific writers in history, Zane Grey, directed by Chris Ekstein, it is produced by Stacy Ekstein, both of Market Street Productions. The movie cast includes : Jason Patric, Danny Trejo, Rose McGowan, Mark Boone Junior, Keith David, myself and other awesome actors. Western is one of the last quintessential American art forms. It’s impossible to not fall in love with this story and these characters because they are real. I am cast as Eleanor Bain and am thrilled about the opportunity!

businessglory_Lori-Mixson_The-Last-DuaneQ6: Any other projects you are working on?
Being a mother of two beautiful daughters, I believe that family should always be first. That’s what I’m trying to showcase in my children’s picture book & a cookbook published for my husband’s Judicial Campaign in 2012. I am working on an expanded version of the cookbook and am waiting for a very talented illustrator to complete the artwork for my adorable children’s book so we can be published.

Q7: What motivates you to keep going?
Empowering women entrepreneurs, I believe all industry sectors are missing out on the unique skills and insights that women have to offer. Companies must think about board renewal and succession planning, and recruit more of the experienced and skilled women that are out there.

Q8: What’s your recipe for success?
I believe in hard work, innovation & believing in your dreams while pursuing them with passion- and using the innate talents we were born with to magnify success and happiness. Forget about the past and move forward.


Q9: If you would give advice for a woman entrepreneur, what it will be?
I believe everyone has a journey; we have the power to create our destiny and exit any trap we may fall into. There’s nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals. I have overcome insurmountable adversity and won’t let getting knocked down, knock me out. I’m still standing. Regardless of the obstacles you may face, you have to keep positive, the world won’t change unless you change it.

I hope to inspire other women and girls to work harder to break through more glass-ceilings and push for leadership and board roles in tech and other businesses.

Q10: Can you tell us more about your personal life?
My personal life is focused on choreographing goal setting, having vision and lofty aims are vital to being all we were created to be. It’s important to me to never lose sight of what I am personally trying to achieve and be responsible for, while focusing more on the things that matter most in my life; for example, my husband, Texas State District Judge Craig Mixson, and my two amazing daughters. Consistently helping provide support to womens leadership, children’s needs as a past Board Vice President of CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates & now Advisory Board Member, other charitable groups, people with cancer, health issues e.g. Auto-Immune Diseases such as Lupus, etc., helping non-profits, supporting our precious US Military personnel.

As I always say where your focus goes your energy flows!

Bottom-line, Lori is a passionate and influential consumer advocate like a Texan Erin Brockovich, with a leadership vision initially acquired from Charlie Wilson’s Leadership – If you or someone you love is in need, Lori is on your side. Lori can get your voice heard! Visit her on Twitter at @LoriRMixson and via LinkedIn.