Entrepreneurship: 3 Signs You’re Still Thinking Like an Employee

Entrepreneurship: 3 Signs You’re Still Thinking Like an Employee

Just because you are your own boss now, does not mean that your clients are treating you like that …
You are your own boss now?

First it seems so easy:
You create a business name and a website. Then you find a place to work, design business cards and soon you feel like a business owner.
It’s easy to think herewith the transition is complete.

Soon you perhaps discover that working for a company hasn’t prepared you well for being your own boss. The reward structures are vastly different. As an employee you are given projects. But now you are fully responsible for your income.

Maybe you dream of much freedom, but being the own boss is not about dreams.
Your title may indicate that you are the boss, but the risk is that you still think like an employee.
Here are three signs that it’s time to adjust your perspective and begin to think and work really like the boss:
1. Your clients set the conditions: If you are unhappy with your projects, then you think like an employee. When you still behave like that, your clients will also treat you like that.
2. You’re reactive, not proactive: You are responsible for the outcome and overall success of every project.
3. Don’t focus on making a good hourly rate: Concentrate on your client’s outcome. Focus on value! Taking responsibility makes you more trustworthy!

Change your mind-set and begin to think like a business owner! It makes you cherished.
Such an attitude guarantees success, it guarantees that you’ll have raving clients, that recommend you to others.