Ego is no winning attitude


Egoism does not guarantee success.

Ego …
It is the rotten attitude that destroys our society.
It is the leading force that determines our whole life.
It is the inability to act correct.
It is the falseness that makes us arrogant.
It is the reason for holding a grudge.
It is the nightmare of relationships.
It is our non-willingness to learn and understand.
It is our adopted behavior during education.
It is our self-imposed pessimism.
It is our intuitive reaction on conflicts.
It is our desire to win.

The egoless and wise person understands that life is not about ego and that happiness comes from inside. Self-importance does not lead to success. Only when we accept our own faults and weaknesses, change our own attitude and misbehavior, give up our own egoism, can we lead a happy life.

We don’t win with ego. Character is the only success.
(Karin Sebelin)