David vs. Goliath: Do you stand completely behind what you do?

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Never fail to give up your vision, your attitude or your concept for a person who suddenly comes around and tries to sell you the own best practiced concept that would be the success.

Standing behind what we do in business is very important. But, not only what others do, what we do, too.

How strong are you really? Be honest?
In a world, where everything you do needs to be perfect, is a world that breeds indecision, inaction, worry, and self-doubt. Trust in the own self is not always there, or is light-hearted given up.

Brands and salespeople should believe in themselves and in their company, but also in their products. Only through that best performance and presentation can arise.

The most important feeling for an entrepreneur is self-respect. Believing in the own self is very important. And even a “David” can win against a “Goliath” in business!

We could believe here, this story is about a weak shepherd against a mighty warrior. However, success has nothing to do with size! Success has to do with the right presentation, with how we see and present ourselves.

What marketers want to make us believe

We live in a world full of competition. Competition rules our thinking, everywhere. The competitor is the reason why we are not able to change ourselves. The competitor is the scapegoat for our unwillingness and all our problems.

Marketers use this tactics to make us believe we should look at our competitor for being successful. We should orientate ourselves in our competition. We should find inspiration and should make it better.

But now comes the problem … Should make it better?

When we are authentic, we don`t look at other people and don`t try to be better.


If we are our authentic self, we have no competitor.
Normally there is no competitor in business. We see a “Goliath” not as “Goliath”. When we see a competitor, then we have a false imagination of us, of our brand.

Uncover the weaknesses of your competitor!
“Attacking” our competitor at the right point is of advantage. Having courage and doing it like “David” and attacking “Goliath”. If you want to become more successful, then learn to utilize your competitor’s weaknesses for your advantage. Look for weak points! Enhance your ability to influence the market!

Don’t forget:
You as entrepreneur have your ideas, your motivation, your perseverance, your excitement and your faith! You are your brand!

Questions for you:
Do you have problems with the own self-respect?
Do you see yourself as “David” against “Goliath” ?
Comments welcome.