Coolest Smartphones & Gadgets Seen at MWC 2016


Mobile World Congress is wrapping up, it’s one of the biggest tech conferences of the year and this year is more excited than any other year.  From Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to Cat’s thermal camera phone, the best new tech from Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress are listed here. Check them out!

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

businessglory_samsung7The new Galaxy S7 has changed from its primarily plastic resign into the popular premium metal and glass slabs, It’s more curvy 5.1in Galaxy S7 and bigger 5.5in Galaxy S7 Edge.

They both bring back waterproofing and expandable storage with a microSD card slot (which is great for many go Galaxy fans). Samsung also launched a 360-degree camera and will start bundling its Gear VR headsets with the S7.

2. LG G5
businessglory - LG G5


G5 from LG is unlike another phone,  bottom of the phone is removable, exposing an expansion port and the battery. The goal is to allows consumer to add more battery, accessories and add-ons by slapping them into the bottom of the phone.

G5 has a metal body, 5.3in quad HD screen, fingerprint scanner on the back and runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

3.  Cat S60 (the thermal camera phone)

businessglory_cat S60The new CAT S60 is one of the most popular gadgets at the MWC so far, the phone features a built-in Flir thermal camera for checking temperatures, navigating a smoke-filled room, spotting hotspots and even finding people trapped in wreckages.

It’s also waterproof to 5m depth, designed to survive falls of up to 1.8m. The phone is expected to be popular among electricians, mechanics, and builders. It helps to detect pipe’s leaking or gas is leaking by holding the phone against the wall.

4.HTC Vive

business glory htcvive

The long ong-awaited virtual reality headset is finally has a price and release date. The Vive will cost $799, with pre-orders starting on 29 February, shipping in early April.

It’s a  “complete VR solution” bundling it with two wireless VR controllers, head-tracking sensors and two VR titles. The Vive also has a camera built-in for enabling augmented reality experiences as well as VR, plus is has a phone built into it for making calls, sending messages and checking calendar invites.

5. Huawei MateBook


The Huawei MateBook is a slim, all-metal tablet with a set of cool accessories. It has an attractive keyboard case, to a dock that adds connectivity options galore. Also a stylus with laser pointer and a slideshow controller is part of it, the MateBook is this season’s it accessory for giving business presentations in style.

6. Sony Xperia Ear

business glory sony ear
The Xperia Ear is a small earbud that does more than just make calls. It’s an digital assistant into a user’s ear. It provides latest news, weather, social media updates and schedule information. It also responds to voice commands and can perform web searches or give directions It uses Sony’s voice systems.

7. LG Rolling Bot

business glory LG Rolling BotA unique spin on the home security camera. It’s a camera-equipped robot that rolls around your home to give you a picture of what’s happening when you’re not there. It has  built-in laser beam to keep your pets occupied.

8. Oral-B


Oral-B Genius is your new dentist. It uses your smartphone camera mounted on your bathroom mirror to track what teeth you are brushing and where you need to pay more attention. It’s really cool.

We will keep you updated with all the new cool gadgets from the MWC. Stay tuned.