6 Cool Tech Gadgets We’ve Seen so for at CES2016

Cool Tech Gadgets
Cool Tech Gadgets

The world’s biggest tech show is still running in Las Vegas and there is a lot of great stuff to see, from smart phones to scooters, new gadgets are on display. Below, check out some of the show’s cool tech gadgets we’ve seen so far:


HTC Vive


ces htc vive
HTC Vive

Virtual reality is going to be a huge trend in 2016. The HTC Vive headset is a fully-immersive headset delivers with head-tracking technology and a pair of hand-held wireless controllers, you’re encouraged to interact with your environment, climbing ladders, painting the air, and even shooting zombies.


Somabar Robotic Bartender

The world’s smartest bartender. Somabar integrates Wi-Fi connectivity, onboard sensors, electronic ingredient tagging and automated cleaning making bartending as easy as pressing a button. Using the Somabar app, you can now share and create cocktails with anyone on the globe in seconds.


Sensorwake Alarm Clock

Sensorwake is an alarm clock that wakes you up with smells. Sensorwake first uses scents to get you out of bed (or at least just wake you up). For 3 minutes it will diffuse such scents as coffee, mint and money (that last one’s a bit much,)


Wisewear Smart Bracelet



Wise wear is a high style tech bracelet. It tracks steps, heart rate, calories burned and gives notifications of texts, emails and more. But the standout feature? You can tap it to send out a distress signal including your location as well as audio or video.


LG Styler

LG Styler
Personal clothes refresher; like having your own dry cleaner at home. In minutes, the LG Styler relaxes wrinkles and removes odors from garments. And with its sleek style, it blends into almost any setting.



A steering wheel cover that alerts you with lights and sounds when it senses movements that suggest distracted driving — like having one hand off the wheel for too long or having your hands close together (suggesting you might be holding a smartphone and texting).

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