Cardboard, Cheapest VR Headset Available in Google’s store

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Google Store

We are heading to the portable virtual reality era, till now there are some amazing headset in the market but most of them are highly priced. However, if you are looking for a really cheap virtual reality headset? Here is the Google’s Cardboard that costs only $15 and the best part you can pick it up now.

Cardboard is a simple, cardboard-based VR headset. It works with all newer smartphones and apps that support Google’s Cardboard platform. Although you may consider it asThe simplified VR experience, It is a fun, inexpensive way to turn your phone into a virtual reality viewer, allowing nearly anyone to get in on the fun.

Since the release of the VR device just over a year and a half ago, 5 million Cardboard devices have been shipped and 25 million Google Cardboard apps downloaded by users from the Google Play app store

The product was available bundled with other products like the one provided by D-SCOPE Pro – Google Cardboard Kit, now you can now buy directly from the company’s web store. Google offers more options to buyers: Buy one Cardboard for $15 or get two for $25.

We’ve seen a lot of VR headset releases new, Microsoft announced official ship date the  HoloLens, HTC VIVE preorders opened on 2/29, and Samsung promised a free Gear VR with each Galaxy S7/S7 Edge pre-order.