Are you a wantrepreneur, entréepreneur or real entrepreneur?

business glory - Are you a wantrepreneur

Everyone is calling themselves an entrepreneur these days, but fact is we should distinguish three categories of people:

1. The ones who dream to be an entrepreneur, they are driven by an idea, want to act like an entrepreneur, want to start a business, but don’t get around to it = Wantrepreneurs

2. The ones who are not very motivated, have self-doubt, are easily confused, lose hope, often show distrust, are easily side-tracked, sabotage themselves and give up easily = Entréepreneurs

3. The ones who are motivated, start their business and despite setbacks don’t give up = Real entrepreneurs

There are hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who think they have this special idea, that means big success. Problem is, they often never manage to put their ideas into action. They don’t plant the seeds for success. They either dream of success (as wantrepreneur), are not very motivated and give up easily (as entréepreneur), or really are capable to bring their project to life and resist every problems and setbacks (real entrepreneur).

What is the difference between a pro and an amateur?

  • Practice
  • Discipline
  • Motivation
  • Perseverance
  • Talent for improvisation
  • The own presentation
  • Knows how to work
  • Learning day by day
  • Accepting and learning from feedback
  • Knows the own terms he works for

What is necessary for becoming a real entrepreneur?

Passion for what you do is very essential. You should be passionate about the business you’re in, but also having passion about business as a whole.

To grow your business idea from a seed of a thought into a money-making passion, you’ll need to convince investors, customers, partners, and employees to believe in your vision. If you’re not 100 percent convinced and passionate about what you’re doing, one day your business will ultimately begin to suffer.

All entrepreneurs are somehow driven by passion and the love for their business. Wantrepreneurs are driven by the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, what is certainly a big difference. And entréepreneurs are driven by enthusiasm, are curious about change, even embrace it with eagerness, but have problems to sticking to important things. Their developed habits and thoughts prevent the own success.

Taking action plays a big role in the success of your business. Entrepreneurs learn to improvise when it is necessary. From time to time learning the hard way is not to avoid as entrepreneur! On the contrary, that gives self-confidence in the own personality and leadership.

Don’t let yourself become paralyzed by sudden setbacks – take action. Do what you say, you’re going to do! Wantrepreneurs only talk about it – but never really get started. And entréepreneurs too easily give up. They have a weak motivation and often lack the needed self-confidence.

Discipline is one of the most important character traits of an entrepreneur. For a wantrepreneur a business is not about self-discipline. He is full of idealism. He only sees money and being the own boss. And an entréepreneur too often has a false distrust for people and finds it difficult to work with others. His adopted belief system is a problem for the own behavior and he indirectly sabotages his own success.
Disciplining the own mind is key to entrepreneurial success, sometimes it can test our limits.