Apple Is Testifying About the FBI IPhone Battle


The battle between Apple and the FBI counties, U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on encryption today, Bruce Sewell (Head Apple lawyer, Apple’s senior vice president and general counsel) will testify about the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI.

“The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy,” hearing comes after a judge ordered Apple to help the FBI bypass the lock screen of San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone 5C. The hearing will examine encryption technology and its impact on American citizens and lawmakers with the goal of finding a solution that lets law enforcement do their jobs without affecting the privacy protections of U.S. citizens.

Sewell will be joined by Susan Landau, a professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., district attorney in New York County as part of the second panel in the hearing will be . The discussion will be held on Today at 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific

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Before Bruce Sewell’s hearing, Apple has released his prepared remarks in advance of the hearing. In his statement, Sewell reaffirms Apple’s position on the case and its view on encryption.

The three main keys Sewell’s will be forced on are:
1. The limit on the technology that protects our data.
2. The FBI rights to stop technology companies from offering the American people for the safest and most secure product.
3. FBI rights to compel a company to produce a product it doesn’t yet make

Head Apple lawyer Bruce Sewell is leading Apple’s legal team in its fight against the FBI. Apple plans to oppose an order that would require it to help the FBI brute force the passcode on San Bernardino shooter Farook Syed’s iPhone. The FBI is demanding Apple create a software that would both disable passcode security features and allow passcodes to be entered electronically.