A memorable first impression


Imagine this situation.. You walk into the reception area of a management consultancy firm in the hope of getting the needed consultation there.

Behind the reception desk are two women, two receptionists, being engaged in a chat, seemingly indifferent to the fact you are there. A few seconds later, one of them shows you her unsmiling face, indifferent in her approach. Now the question comes suddenly: “Yes, how can I help you?”

What kind of impression does this leave?
Which is the stronger, more powerful and memorable message of the consultancy firm brand? Which impression do you take away? How do you feel when you go home?
You feel insignificant, unimportant, and undervalued.

Trust and respect for and in a company and brand does not only come from a logo, from advertising, and sponsorship.
It comes from the people within the organization.
It comes from a good communication, from honest and empathetic engagement.

Your people are your brand.

– Karin Sebelin