6 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas You Can Try Immediately

Social Media Marketing Ideas

If you run out of ideas on what to post in your social media channels and you need some inspiration. Here are some fun social media marketing ideas that can help you to energize your social media channels.

1. The inside sneak peek

Everyone loves to gossip about hidden and new information. Offer your audience a behind the senses that normally can’t see. It is something so I note over and over among social media users. A video of hidden room in your office, preparation of event or party, fun work activity or something you won’t tell the audience about will gather your fans closer to your brand. Next time you have a meeting or event make sure to record a short video and put it in your social media channels.

2. Discount coupons with an interesting twist

A quiz or a contest is an instant winner in the popularity stakes on social media. Design a cool image of a contest and put it in your social feed and offer simple discounts, cashbacks and freebies as rewards for your contests.

3. What’s happening around your industry

If you don’t have news or updates about your business. Search what’s happening in your industry and create your own post regarding the trending topics. Offer users a daily update of the top three news items that rocked your industry today.

4. Products reviews

A review of event or product is appreciated around the social media world. People want to hear and know from the experts. By doing good review, you can define yourself as an expert and pro in your industry. This can be helpful not only for your social media channel but for your business too.

5. Caption this

When inspiration runs dry at your end, asking your fans to be creative for a change. Pick an image of people popular in your industry or even a couple of celebrities. Then ask your fans to create a fitting caption for the image. The best caption gets showcased on your brand page and the winner obviously gets a cool reward.

6. Inspiration quote

One thing works on social media when everything else fails and that is an inspirational quote. The right quote that reflects your brand’s personality or attitude doesn’t just help with some free branding, it also speaks to your fans and connects with them beyond your product, pricing, or service level agreements.

If you have a great quote, just post it in as many words. It’ll still be noticed. Grab an image of your brand assets and create one of those Pinterest-like image quotes that get shared a lot.

So those were some ideas! If you have any fun post ideas that have really worked for you, share it in the comments below