5 Ways to Handle Social Media Trolls


When your business makes the smart decision to invest in social media as an appropriate tool for digital marketing and customer service, you are also deciding yourself for possible criticism. Social media is a challenge – praise is easier to handle than criticism.
Let me give you some incentives how to handle negative feedback in a graceful and appropriate manner:

Never ignore a legitimate complaint
Today it is false not to respond to mistakes. A failure to respond won’t look good on your part.

Think before responding
It’s wise to think before you respond. If you feel anger, walk away for five minutes and then come back to the situation.

Avoid automated messages
Receiving an automated message in response to a complaint or feedback is really frustrating. If your social media is mostly automated, then your business is missing the entire point of having a social media presence in the first place. Social media is a communication channel. It is a conversation and it takes two to be social.

Never delete comments
Deleting comments does not leave a good impression. But, for some reason, there are still plenty of businesses that actually delete negative feedback in order to clean up their online presence. This is a huge mistake.

Never block people too quick – don’t overreact
The radical version is blocking the person that bothers you. However, this should always be the exception! Never react too quick, never overreact!

Ideal is a well-developed social media strategy, that prevents spontaneous reactions, and will allow you to handle any issue in a calculated and concerted manner.