5 Effective Email Marketing Tips for Your Business


Email marketing is the most effective online marketing strategy. You to reach a highly targeted audience at a low cost comparing to other online marketing strategies.

If you are running a blog, service company or an online shop, you have a lot to gain form email marketing but, yet many of them ignore it losing many opportunities.

Here are some email marketing conversion tips you can use:
1.Make it is easy to subscribe.
Many businesses make the most common mistakes, first, do not have a place to subscribe for emails on their website. Two having a broken subscribe link and requiring too much information upon sign up. Provide a quick and easy newsletter signup. Instead of requiring their first name, last name, address, phone number, and email, simply ask them for their name and email.

2. Make it mobile friendly
Nearly 68 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device—and that number is only expected to continue rising.Your emails should be mobile friendly and before finalizing your next email campaign make sure that it is tested against all major mobile devices.

3.Don’t send messages that aren’t targeted.
Track open and click-through rates with each campaign, with the optimal times to send messages based on response and headline tests. This will help you to improve your future campaigns results and to build an effective drip campaign that is personalized and relevant based on their activity.

4. Include descriptive tags with your images.
Descriptive ATL tags can help you improve conversion, and decrease the risk of images in email marketing. ALT tag copy that is applicable in both context and functionality ensures the meaning of an image translates, even if the recipient can’t see the picture. Review the ALT tags for images on your site and in your email campaigns for relevancy, using descriptive words that will make the customer want to take action.

5. Watch your competitors.
It’s helpful to see how your competitors are handling their email marketing campaigns. Subscribe to their email lists and see what type of content they’re including, promotions they’re offering, what kind of emails they said, how often they send a newsletter, and what elements they included in their email template design.

If you have more tips, share it with us.