5 Creative Ways for Building an Email List

5 Creative Ways for Building an Email List

Many people believe email marketing is an old and an effective. The older model of email marketing is to buy a gigantic list of emails and send completely irrelevant offers in a hope for someone will be interested, but what’s the results is SPAM cage. A lot of people to welcome communications with the brand and company they already know.

Most businesses today need to acquire new subscribers, interact with their subscribers and find out what kinds of things their subscribers want so, they can generate revenue by doing business with them. Depending on the type of business. you can implement some of the traditional methods like asking customers for their email at the checkout, offering freebie on your website, putting out a fishbowl for business cards or asking for signup every way you can

Once your website has the forms to connect to your email marketing service you have to be creative to grow your email lists. So, you can inform your subscribers about new products and services. Up-sell premiums and/or encourage them to share your business with their peer. Let’s find some creative ways to grow your list. The goal is to gain more followers so you can interact with them, meet their needs and do business with them subsequently.

To be creative you need to think about your business and marketing goals, your targeting audience and what you will do with the new subscribers once you have them. Depending what you will do with them the method will be different and the type of data you need to gather could be different too. Here are five creative ways for building an email list:

1- Tap your current customers

You can send an email to your customer to ask them to signup to the email list, ask for their email when they make an appointment or give them a referral bonus to refer new people to your business.

2- Be creative with your bait

Design your bait to give adequate reasons for people to subscribe by offering coupons, discounts, freebies and/or valuable information. So, instead of just giving away valuable content and offers, use your lead generation page and ask visitors to fill out a form first. Be transparent and let your subscribers where the email will be added.

3- Go where your suspects and customers are

Find where your they are and offer them something irresistible to make them happy to share their email. So you need to build a plan tailored to where your audiences are and the type of offer tailored for each segment.

4- Website pop-up when they arrive or when they leave

Website pop-up is very strategic and each pop-up message need to be carefully crafted with a strong call to action and arrive just at the right moment to get notice. If it’s not relevant people just close it. Think about your own habit and give your website visitors a reason to subscribe instead to close it.

5-Launch social media lead generation strategy

Facebook allow you to add Call to Action at the cover page where you can use it to capture email address, Twitter offer a lead generation card, Google let you run advertisement where email users can leave their address directly.

Take the time to evaluate your strategy that way you can track the performance of each method and test a new idea to see if you can improve your sing-up results. I hope these tips help while you are building an email list that is tailored for your business. We will dive deeper in each tip we covered in the coming posts. Don’t forget to sign-up to see you next time below.


  1. Hi,

    This is a very nice blog with very effective ideas. When we go for email marketing, the main issue appear is subscribers list. Definitely buying the list and then sending emails will put you in spam area.
    I completely agree with all the 5 points given over here and among these my favorite one is the fifth one.