4 Entrepreneurial Lessons To Learn From Leonardo DiCaprio Winning

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most loved and talented actors of his generation. His net worth is estimated at a cool $220 million.

Although Leonardo DiCaprio made a huge success in his career, but he was struggling to win an Academy Award for Best Actor for years. It was hard to believe that a person who is absolutely amazing at what he does, but he hasn’t gained the recognition he deserves.

For many entrepreneurs, this is the same situation may of us may face, you are working hard everyday, you are great at what you do, everyone seems to fall in love with your product and services, despite all of that, you still can’t get the success you are looking for.

On the last academy awards, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar for best actor, achieving the ultimate goal for any actor in his career.

There are several lessons you can learn from Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar winning experience.

1. Never Give up

The first lesson you can get here is never give up and it’s OK to finish second or even lose the race. You still can get the first next round. Prior to this year, DiCaprio had been nominated for four Academy Awards. Each time missing out and leaving the Dolby theater empty handed. DiCaprio never complains about missing out his goal, either. In fact, the opposite is true. He’s stayed humble and stayed focused on improving his craft.

In business, the question you need to ask yourself after each failure, why you haven’t succeeded and how you can improve your business and do things differently. Don’t stop, don’t give up and stand for who you are an

Falling short forces you to take an honest look at where you are, and that self reflection is worth its weight in gold.

2. Self-belief

Successful people are successful for a reason, and that includes actors, entertainers, and performers. In business, self-belief is so important. There will be times, when you people tell you something can’t be done, and you’ll need to rely on confidence and self-belief.

3. Push harder

DiCaprio has the kind of fresh-faced good look, for any other actor he may end up doing romantic comedies (which is not bad also). But for DiCaprio, this wasn’t the case, from the age of 18 he started carving out a career in gritty dramas and he chooses to do hard roles to prove himself. He? An IMDB profile that would make any actor weep with envy.

The lesson is this: is not got things for granted and always push yourself to achieve more and get chance to change or improve your life.

4. Taking risks

What you risk just to have thrilled when you’re in your twenties is absurd. It’s all part of that process of doing things that are daring to be accepted by your peers — and it’s absolutely insane. You can enter a never-ending vapid hole trying to catch the next exciting moment without ever stopping to appreciate it. It can be a never-ending process of chasing something that isn’t there. I know it’s a cliché, but I’m happy to be alive.