3 Tips to Boost Sales on Valentine’s day With Instagram

business glory valentines day
Valentine day can be much more than a sales driver. Shoppers are spending more on their sweetheart each year. This is the best time to connect with your customers, while every social interaction is so important we will focus on Instagram as a marketing tool to help shoppers to make their shopping decisions. It’s your time as a marketer to deliver a relevant content, experiences and bring answers to your customers.
Instagram, a community of more than 300 million active users that shares more than 60 million photos every day.

businessglory Instagram demographicConsumer behavior and expectations have changed forever and a tool like Instagram can make love connection through pictures and messages and this is a huge opportunity for marketers to engage with people during the Valentine’s day, because it hits on an emotional level.

Understand Instagram demographics are an important key to consider while you are crafting your marketing campaign.

3 things to consider when you design your campaign during Valentine’s day

Focus on feeling, not information
While most marketers focus on information remember during Valentine people think differently. It doesn’t require a costly ad agency to craft a message to get people to feel emotion. Think about putting your product in a Valentine’s Day context and give them an inspiration of how to spend the valentine’s day.

Think of the Valentine’s day as a season, not just one day
Valentine’s day is not only one day. In fact, people spending hours or may be days thinking about ideas to celebrate, searching for gifts ideas, shopping for clothes to wear. Start your campaign earlier. Let your business wear the read for the entire season.

Find lovers throughout the year
Love moment is happening around the year from a first kiss to a wedding. Think about your marketing messages with windows that wide enough to captures all these lovely moments. February 14 can last 24 hours while these life moments stay forever.

Love can change everything. The way we shop, the thing we wear and the purchase decisions that we make, So, how can we craft messages and idea that make people fall in love.

What’s your plan for Valentine’s day? Share your marketing ideas with us in the comments below.